WhatsApp privacy policy update: Things You Must know as a user

WhatsApp has come with a new privacy policy update. It has been asked to consent to the new privacy policy till the 8th of February 2021.afterward, they won’t use WhatsApp unless they accept the new privacy policy update after the 8th of February 2021 onward.

As you know that, WhatsApp has built messaging service by keeping strong security principles in their mind, so it is clear that the new privacy policy does not affect message privacy with family and friends. WhatsApp also stated that they are continuing to provide security to private message with end to end encryption.

Below is some privacy policy update that every user must know about it.

  • The new updated privacy policy term provides more information about how we process your data and commits to your privacy.
  • Our new policy update relies on better communication with the business means most businesses depend on WhatsApp to interact with clients and customers. We work with that business that use any third party app and or Facebook to make communication better with you on WhatsApp.
  • New policy states to connect more comfortable with Facebook to offer experiences and integration across Facebook family app and products. 

What will data be shared on Facebook by WhatsApp?

Being part of Facebook, Whatsapp is sharing its data already with Facebook to operate, improve, understand, support, and market its services. As per the new privacy policy terms, Whatsapp shares some information with Facebook, such as:

  • Account registration information(phone number)
  • Transaction data, 
  • Service-related information, 
  • Information related to how you interact with other businesses
  • Mobile device full information
  • IP address.

Information collected by WhatsApp from users

Whatsapp contains account information, message, undelivered message, media forwarding, connection, status and transaction, and payment-related data.

WhatsApp clarification with updated privacy policy:

  • We will not access any private message
  • One-one chat and call should be private
  • WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see your location
  • whatsApp will not share contact details with Facebook 

How Lawsuit Loans Helps Plaintiffs During Settlement Process?

Personal Injury Lawsuit takes time to be resolved, but in the meantime, other expenses keep on rising. Due to the inability of movement because of the injury caused by a car accident, medical malpractices, faulty products, or by any means, one can lose the job, have to go through several kinds of trauma, and in some cases death too happen.

If you have faced injury because of the negligence of some other person or fault devices, then you have the right to file a lawsuit against the offender either person or some manufacturers.

A lawsuit can suck up all your savings, but there are alternatives that are more wiser than destroying all your savings on a lawsuit. Finances like personal loans, credit cards, bank loans, etc can get you money but there are drawbacks of taking finance form such institutions as the ask for collateral. But we have an alternate if you are facing cash scarcity due to ongoing settlement.

Lawsuit Loans is the best financial option which a plaintiff can use to get urgent cash for paying up medical bills, legal bills as well as use it for personal reasons. But to avail, this solution always approaches to the best lawsuit loan company in America.

Taking lawsuit loans from credible firms gives confidence to the plaintiff for taking on the legal battle further and stop only when they get the appropriate compensation money. There are more to the benefits of Lawsuit Loans, let’s check about them.

Easy to get

The biggest advantage of taking a lawsuit loan is that it can be easily acquired via legal funding agencies. Since they are different from a bank loan, the lending firm never asks for collateral, as lawsuit loans are also termed as pre-settlement loans there is a reason behind it.

Lawsuit loans are often given against the ongoing settlement. Therefore, here the lawsuit is the collateral over which you are getting a loan to achieve the best judgment.

Saves you from the force of early settlement

Most of the insurance companies take advantage of the financial conditions and force the plaintiff to settle early outside the court. Fighting a legal battle requires a huge sum of money and they are costly enough.

Insurance companies try to intimidate the litigant to settle outside of court at lower compensations. But having lawsuit loans gives you financial stability to fight the legal battle until it gets to proper judgment.

Non-recourse feature

It is the most tempting advantage that makes the plaintiff acquire lawsuit loans. Non-recourse structured settlement loans mean that plaintiff needs to repay the loan amount back only if they win the case, but if the judgment goes against them then the lending firm will not ask for any repayment. If you win to pay the loan amount from the compensation received if you lose the lawsuit don’t pay a cent.

Taking a lawsuit is always a win-win situation for the plaintiff as it is easy to get, with no upfront cost. In fact, if you take pre-settlement funding from America Lawsuit Loans, you will get it at a lower interest rate with zero charges and no unwanted paperwork.


Bhopal is popularly known as the ‘city of lakes’ with its two main lakes – the Upper and the Lower. The capital city originally known as Bhojpal was built on the site of the 11th Century, founded by Parmara King Bhoj(1000-1055). It was named after Bhoj (name of the King) and the dam(‘pal’) as he constructed the dam to form the lakes surrounding the city. According to history, the present city of Bhopal was founded by an Afghan soldier Dost Mohammed Khan after the death of Emperor Aurangzeb (Mughal Emperor) in 1707. The small kingdom survived several wars and later became a princely state in British India in 1818. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is situated in the fertile plains of the Malwa Plateau and is considered one amongst India’s greenest cities. The city lies north of Vindhya Range along the slopes of a sandstone ridge.

Madhya Pradesh as its name implies – Madhya means “central” and Pradesh means “region” or “state”, is situated in the heart of India. Central India with its flamboyant wildlife in the national parks likes – Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Satpura, historical heritage cities or towns like Orchha, Khajuraho, Gwalior, festivals spreading colors of joy, majestical mountains, and rivers that are lifelines stand apart from other regions of the country starting from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, and Jharkhand. The central part of India is a cultural shock with world-class industrial towns to remote tribal villages that are still living in mud houses and leading a simple lifestyle.

Bhopal, also the city of Nawabs is an attraction for tourists across the globe. The beauty of the city is vested in some of the interesting highlights and is best explored on foot. The heritage walk is to explore the streets of old Bhopal and to hear the incredible stories of history captured in the grand buildings and busy narrow lanes. The city offers two contrasting cityscapes – a blend of both old and new facets. The walk showcases the heritage perspective of the city covering highlights like Kamala Park(a prominent green spot located near Raja Bhoj Setu adjacent to the Upper lake), Gauhaar Mahal(200-year-old palace with Indo-Islamic architecture built by the ruler of Bhopal, Qudsia Begum), Moti Masjid(a mosque built in 1860 by Sikandar Begum), Chowk Bazaar(an old market with its own charm), Shaukat Mahal(a blend of occidental and one amongst the architectural highlights of the city), Taj-ul-Masjid(an elegant mosque in India built between 1868-1901). The State Museum has fossils, paintings and rare Jain sculptures are a must-visit. We can easily consider Bhopal city as a three night’s destination. The short excursions to various historical sites – Bhimbetka, Bhojpur, and Sanchi are value adds to this destination.

The excursion to Bhimbetka and Bhojpur(70 kms/2.5 hrs each way) from Bhopal is a major highlight of the visit to the destination. We will first stop at Bhimbetka, South Asia’s richest collection of the astonishing paintings of the caves dating back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Period and are one of the largest archeological complexes of Prehistoric times. This is the setting for a thousand shelters, stretching for some 10 km. Situated in the middle of a dense deciduous forest, there are over 30 species of trees with edible fruit, flower seeds, and tubers – a vital food for tribal people. Bhojpur is 11th century Sun Temple with the largest Shiv Lingam in India is cut from one rock and is still incomplete. The temple stands atop a hill in the midst of a beautiful view. This is located 28 km away from Bhopal. The excursion to these sites will cover most of your day.

Sanchi, the bastion of Buddhism is lying 72 km(2 hrs each way) from Bhopal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sanchi Stupa is an example of ancient Indian architecture and is among the oldest structures preserved to date. The giant stupa is a structure similar to a parasol. One of the most prominent historic structures of ancient India, the stupa reflects Buddhist culture, art, and architecture.

The other destinations around Bhopal with historical importance are Gwalior, well connected with super-fast train. Satpura National Park which is approximately 3 hrs drive away and can give some of the best wildlife experience. The area has potential as it is still unexplored by many. Bhopal is also well connected with Indore and other cities like Mumbai, Delhi as it has an airport and also a major rail junction.

The knowledgeable guides at Epiconic Travel the best Travel Company For India Tours will enhance the experience of the visit by narrating stories, engaging to introduce the intangible aspects like regional language, festivities, and the local culture in addition to the historical facts of the city and its surroundings.

Few interesting hotels re-commended by Epiconic Travel in Bhopal are – Jehan Numa Palace, Noor Us-Sabha Palace, and Jehan Numa Retreat.

Tips to Homeschool Your Kids

You have realized that you have all the resources, patience, time and passion and you are all set to homeschool your child in this pandemic period. The decision may seem daunting because you have to make a lot of decisions. Don’t worry and take a deep breath. Refer to these steps before being responsible for your kids’ education – 

Look for Home School Options available 

Whether you have a small kid or he has already spent several years in elementary school, you should start your research and get started by autumn. You may visit the library, subscribe to magazines related to homeschooling, and talk to other homeschoolers around you. Find different routes to take and figure out whether homeschooling can be a good choice for your family. 

Investigate the Homeschooling Requirements in your state 

The rules and regulations related to homeschooling vary as per the state. For example, annual declaration of intent must be duly filed by the parents with the superintendent nearby till July 1 or at least 14 days before preschooling kids. Parents should also submit quarterly reports, maintain attendance records, and conduct the tests in New York. 

Set specific goals for Homeschooling 

It is important for homeschoolers to proceed on their own to find out what they want to achieve, especially in the first year. When setting long-term and short-term goals, academics are vital. But there’s something more to the education for your child. For example, you also have to consider the physical activity of your child. He or she should also be allowed to socialize with their friends. Don’t forget extracurricular activities like Boy Scouts or dance classes. Ask other homeschooling parents to figure out the constructive activities for your kids. 

Avoid the basic Homeschooling mistakes 

There are three issues that homeschoolers face. First of all, they often feel isolated. You may join a support group to socialize with like-minded people. Following a curriculum in a hurry is another common mistake. A lot of homeschoolers opt for a costly curriculum package in the beginning and end up knowing that it is not according to the learning style of their kids. For a while, you should experiment before spending a whole sum of money. In addition, homeschoolers don’t learn with time. They need to adjust to the flexibility and freedom of homeschooling. 

Social Media Hacks For Small & Midsize Businesses

Social Media hack is the most productive tool nowadays in the digital era, commencing from social connectivity to advertising business to news or currently updating worldwide; it plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It leads a pathway to immense growth and sustainability in the market.

Social media offering inevitable facilities for business growth similar to management tool applications assures the ability to schedule the content, keep on timely updated and noticed the time to upload or posting along with an analytical approach which helps to endure the active target group seeking your post, all will be monitored from the social media dashboard. 

Another way to enhance traffic to your small and medium business is by designing a web page and proclaiming the link to that social media platform. This will provide promising possibilities for your user business to generate a new client and the most comfortable way to widespread your business objective i.e advertising your products and eventually engage your audience which leads to the impetus for your blog traffic.

One can leverage the Instagram story tool to post short stories regarding your business or product. Still, one should be kept in mind while composing the story that it must be indulging and compassionate, effortlessly relatable and most notable must have to persuade skill to engage the audience and is practised as a promoting tool for business growth.

Additionally, one can handle social media planning when and which platform is used for posting and scheduling is most vital like one should search the traffic peak time and publish your content on social media accordingly. Branding promotion can be attended by adopting numerous social media platforms.

Briefly, Social media hacks for small and mid-size business can be growth and sustain in this swiftly evolving digital world through Researching, Advertising, Branding, Traffic holding, Engaging with this five-ingredient one can thrive business opportunities and forge new too with enhancing credentials, loyalty and reliability.

Google Calendar Benefits for Small Businesses

Small businesses often run short on budget but it doesn’t mean they cannot access technology. Google Calendar is a free and fully-functional tool to keep track of staff activities and share appointments with the whole staff. You can easily improve its functionality in your office by knowing its potential uses. 

Schedule Appointments 

Google Calendar offers easy scheduling for your office productivity. Employees can easily add appointments and various activities. The system can easily send reminders to your guests for events. You can share appointments with various employees and plan group meetings or projects. With this option, you can easily keep track on staff schedules. If you have to schedule your appointments for your clients in your business, Google Calendar is the best way to keep track of them. Once you share the calendar, your staff can easily schedule appointments for clients without worries of overbooking. 

Remote Access 

Staff members who work away from office or travel constantly, Google Calendar comes with different features to stay connected. This app simply needs internet connection and can work on any platform, whether it is smartphone or computer. Your remote employees can easily keep track of their shared events and calendars. Employees can easily access the calendar to note down the upcoming events for the next day so they can be prepared in advance. 

Time Management 

Google Calendar also comes with a great feature for your staff, i.e. time management. Your staff can break down their day along with special appointments like client consultation or meetings. Your employees can pen down the usual activities they need to do all day. It can help them break down the day into manageable activities to allocate time for various projects and tasks. 


The best thing is that Google Calendar doesn’t need any user manual to use it for the first time. Simply click on the day and add events. You can view your calendar events by month, week, or daily basis as you like. You can also view calendars by 4 days and as an agenda. 

Website Calendar 

With Google Calendar, you can easily expand the way you can share the schedules on your website. With Google Calendar, you can turn your calendar into a supported format with your site, including HTML and XML. This way, you can post the next public events. You can also add due date reminders like due dates for existing clients. 

Hide event info 

You often need to attend or host sensitive meetings. But just a closed door is not enough to keep others from knowing about your whereabouts. The Google Calendar events can also reveal a lot more inside information about your office. You can set it to “Private” to ensure privacy in sensitive conferences. This way, no outsider can view your schedule and event details like attendees, meeting name, and attachments. 

Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020


Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, as it evolves with new tools and technology. As a digital marketer, you are well aware that trends keep changing, especially in our digital age.

If you are following digital directions, then it becomes crucial to stay updated about the latest marketing trends, as these trends have given rise to numerous channels through which marketers can reach their audiences and fulfill their needs.

So, let’s go check out some of the digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2020

Voice Searches And Digital Assistants

Voice search picked up pace in recent years, and brands like google and amazon are now leveraging and optimizing voice search to reach their target audience. Voice search will comprise half of all queries and becoming the hot trend. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are search assistants who help in voice search.

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers have also become a new trend as the rapid growth in social media. Influencers can be anyone from a celebrity to the common man.

Social media influencer collaborates with the brand and promotes products to you through word-of-mouth marketing. People always trust more influencers compared to ads, because they give their unbiased reviews about the product.

Alternative communication channels and ChatBots

In 2020, brands and organizations must leverage the power of multiple communication channels to reach a large audience base. Chatbots make for an excellent communication channel and provide instant access to customer service for browsing guests. You can use the integrated chatbox of social networking to reach their target audience. Push notifications are also gaining popularity.

Personalization is New Trend 

No one likes to be followed. But all like a personalized internet experience which depends on unique tastes, preferences, buying behavior, demographics, and so on. Collecting data from customer interaction will help in offering personalized services like creating tailor-made marketing strategies, campaigns, offers, discounts, etc., for each customer segment.

Won’t rely on a single marketing channel

Instead of focusing on one single aspect of marketing, you should focus on overall marketing. This is because a single marketing channel could help you to grow, but growth would be short-lived. You have to enhance all areas of your marketing strategy, which could help you to get substantial overall improvement.

Be More Conversational 

Becoming conversed with your target audience on social media is the new trend, Which helps to build a relationship, and you can interact with your clients. People love to engage and talk to brands, and it is also the best way to handle any issues or complaints. The best thing about Conversational Marketing is you can do these across multiple channels.

You cannot avoid AI.

Artificial Intelligence is the tech innovation and most significant commercial opportunity for big tech companies, and they are building the tools that will learn more about the behavior of the user. Some tech companies started implementing AI in human life.

The digital trends are growing bigger, and with these trends, you will be able to stay ahead from your competitors, and you can easily reach your target audience.

Logo trends not to be missed in 2020

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Best Ruby Gems for Email Sending

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How to succeed as an independent app developer

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